F* PoP Up Seminar (2022 - 2023)

Time: Next event on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 (830am PDT)
Location: Zoom
Youtube channel: YouTube
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F* is a Proof-oriented Programming Language that allows writing programs and proofs about them within a single framework. Software components developed and proven correct and secure in F* have been deployed in various production systems, including Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, the Linux kernel, and Firefox.

The F* PoP Up Seminar is a monthly event aimed at bringing together the F* community. It is a discussions-oriented, informal seminar where the attendees may:

Each event in the seminar will be at most one-hour long, featuring one or more presenters who will lead the discussion. The sessions will be interactive, may involve code walkthroughs, deep-dive discussions, live coding, detailed proof debugging, and maybe even some slides!

To propose a talk, send an email to the Google group with the following details:

We look forward to your proposals!


Date Speaker(s) Topic
December 6, 2022 (830am PDT) Nik Swamy Understanding how F* uses Z3 (YouTube, Chapter)
October 11, 2022 (830am PDT) Guido Martinez Tactics and Metaprogramming (YouTube, Demo code samples, Draft chapter)
September 6, 2022 (830am PDT) Jay Bosamiya vWasm: Verified Software Sandboxing using F* (related paper, from USENIX Security 2022), YouTube
August 9, 2022 Alex Rozanov Abstract Algebra in F* (Slides, YouTube)
July 12, 2022 (first half) Vimala Soundarapandian Replicated Data Types (YouTube, Code)
July 12, 2022 (second half) Lucas Franceschino A REPL for Tactics in F* (YouTube)